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Perma-Tune Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures high-energy electronic ignition systems and products for street vehicles, exotic motorcars, automobiles and race cars including Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Saab, and Ferrari.  We also design units for scientific and industrial applications, space and aviation applications, as well as clean-burning alternative fuel applications. We sell to a well-established network of wholesale distributors.

Our heritage

Ferdinand Porsche and Dr. Theodore Sturm designed the original Perma-Tune ignition system in 1968 for the original Porsche 911 race car, the car that “put Porsche on the map”. The same ignition was used on many other Ferrari powered race cars of the same era. A later version of the Perma-Tune, the "little blue box", was stock equipment on the 1974 911. Aero Design Products, Inc. of Newport Beach, California manufactured the systems for installation on the Porsche production line in Germany under contract with Dr. Sturm.

In 1981 Lonnie Lenarduzzi, the current President and Chief Design Engineer for Perma-Tune, was hired by Aero Design Products to manage their robotic manufacturing facilities and to oversee the manufacturing of Perma-Tune ignition systems. When Mr. Lenarduzzi took over the Perma-Tune product line, the systems were primarily used on Porsche 911 cars for repairs and for performance enhancement.

In 1989 Mr. Lenarduzzi and his wife Linda Decker, CFO of the Company, bought the Perma-Tune business, establishing Perma-Tune, Inc., a privately held California corporation. During the next several years, Mr. Lenarduzzi invented several groundbreaking innovations to the Perma-Tune product line, and earned military-spec certification from Northrop Ventura Division. The product line had been expanded from its exclusive focus on Porsche applications to include Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, military, industrial, marine and aviation systems.

Needing to expand its operations, Perma-Tune moved its facilities to Wylie, Texas in 1993 after winning a grant from the Wylie, Texas Economic Development Corp. The Company was restructured as Perma-Tune Electronics, Inc., a privately held Texas corporation. This move enabled the Company to take advantage of low-cost industrial space and a large pool of skilled labor.

R&D proceeded at an accelerated rate after the Company settled into its Texas facility, resulting in systems that may be used on domestic and Japanese street cars, Coilless ignition systems which eliminate the need for an external coil, Digital Fire systems with incredible signal accuracy and the Plasma Drive system which enables unprecedented fuel economy and reduced emissions. Experimentation utilizing Perma-Tune systems has been conducted by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, the US Navy, MIT, Bechtel Nevada, Nuvera Fuel Cells division of Arthur D. Little, Boeing Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, the US Mine Safety Commission, US MagneGas, Boatworks, Toyota Racing Development and other prestigious research facilities.

Benefits of Perma-Tune ignition systems

An ignition system is the under-the-hood component that orchestrates the process of burning the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber of an engine. The ignition system is the very heart of an internal combustion engine because it directs the conversion of fuel to power. An engine only gets one chance to start the combustion of the fuel-air mixture, so efficient performance is critical. As an analogy, think of lighting your back yard BBQ: once the flame has started, holding the match to the charcoal longer, or throwing more matches at it, will not help after the fire has already been lit. Other manufacturers’ systems create multiple sparks or use long-duration sparks in the hope of scavenging unburned fuel-air molecules they failed to ignite the first time around. This strategy is an ineffective, after-the-fact fix for poor initial design that has been marketed as a “benefit”. These designs leave unburned, wasted fuel in the exhaust stream, causing diminished performance, increased pollution and reduced fuel economy. Catalytic converters and fuel additives such as MTBE are designed to make up for the shortcomings of traditional and aftermarket ignition systems. But they have turned out to be environmental nightmares in their own right, polluting landfills and drinking water supplies with concentrated poisons.

Perma-Tune manufactures several types of ignition systems: the basic Perma-Tune system, the Coilless system, the Digital Fire system and the Plasma Drive system. It also offers related products such as coils, spark plugs, pre-amps, 10mm pure copper-core spark plug wire sets and wire harnesses.

Installing these products offers drivers a never-before available combination of benefits: improved performance, reduced emissions and increased fuel economy. Drivers don’t need to sacrifice performance for economy, or vice versa, any longer! And, Perma-Tune ignition products are much easier and more economical to install than other ignition systems. This combination of previously incompatible benefits is the result of, quite simply, doing ignition right the first time.

Perma-Tune’s approach is to design extremely effective, powerful waveform circuitry into its products to accomplish this. The Company’s design philosophy is that if you ignite ALL of the fuel-air mixture at the start of the combustion cycle, you get all the available power from the fuel you buy without waste, you leave virtually no unburned fuel to exit the tailpipe as environmental pollution, and you get an exciting performance boost in the equation. All for much less than a consumer would spend on a stock replacement system or competitive aftermarket ignition system. Add to this a very strong technical support structure for our distributors and users along with a one-year factory-direct warranty (both of which are unique in the industry) – and you’ve got a bunch of happy drivers of lean, mean, green machines on the road.  

Now you don't have to give up MPG for RPM, you can save gas and go fast!  

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Lonnie Lenarduzzi, Chief Scientist / CTO
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